Reasons why relapse occurs after addiction recovery

When some people recover from addiction, they never expect to relapse but due to some circumstances, they find themselves dwelling in their addiction again.

This is normal for everyone who passes through addiction treatment because there is always a chance that they would relapse, even after fulfilling all the requirements at the addiction treatment center.

One of the primary reasons why this happens is because addiction and becoming sober are like two worlds apart. The individual might not be fully suited to take on the demands of the new world, which can cause their addiction eventually.

To understand the full concept of relapse, here are some reasons why it occurs

  • Unhealthy life practices

If a sober individual does not take their health seriously after recovering from addiction, there is a chance that they will relapse. They need to take their diet, rest, physical activity, and other aspects of their health with full consciousness.

  • Hanging out with friends who can trigger their addiction

Recovering individuals need to choose their new set of friends and acquaintances carefully as they integrate themselves into the world again. Some friends can trigger your addiction, so it is best to treat them at arm’s length.

Look out for individuals who encourage you to be sober and remain healthy. Such friends will always look out for you to ensure your addiction recovery does not regress.

  • Inability to apply coping strategies

At a standard addiction treatment center, one of the things that recovering addicts learn is developing profound coping strategies to fight off triggers. Someone who lacks the know-how to apply these coping strategies is likely to relapse.

Therefore, it is important to pay good attention to what is being taught at the rehab to prevent a relapse.

Finally, every recovering individual needs to look out for their stress levels. Stress is one of the primary enemies of sober individuals. When you discover that something is stressing you out, you can detach yourself and place more priority on your health.

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