Every Day You Are Making Progress

Addiction regardless of it is to drugs or alcohol, damages your body. Over time, it takes a toll on your mind and your physical body – negatively affecting parts of your body such as your organs. And, as a result, you will likely feel the effects of this – you might feel tired, weak, irritable, and various other things. Furthermore, when you are feeling unwell like this it can make addiction recovery very hard…

But, it is worth pushing through and getting better.

However, there are many people that think once the damage is done, it is done. There is no going back and healing your organs or your body, you are just stuck recovering and getting sober and then living with your body as is from this point forward…

But, that is not the case.

Organs and tissues can heal most of the time – but they don’t just do it all on their own. Of course, getting sober helps greatly. But, then you also need to nourish your body.

Focus on exercising regularly – which will also play a major role in your sobriety – even if it is something simple like a quick cardio workout a few times a week or joining a local tennis club. You just need to get moving somehow. Next, focus on what you put in your body. You have probably heard the saying, “you are what you eat,” so think about that when you eat – you want to be colorful, happy, and healthy like fruits and vegetables.

And, most importantly, remember that each and every day you are making progress.

It can be hard to take a step back and realize that even one day can make a difference. It seems so small in the scheme of things, but it is not. Each and every day counts.

It is just like when you were addicted to the drugs or alcohol, each and every day that you used and abused them – you were damaging your body. Each day counts when you are abusing your body, and each day counts when you are trying to heal it as well.

Try to recognize the value in one day and focus on the here and now. Every day that you stay sober and every day that you make a point to exercise and every day that you make a point to try and eat better, you are healing your body – one day at a time.

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