Addiction Triggers: Here Are A Few Strange Ones

Once you are on the road to recovering from your addiction, one of the greatest struggles you will face in your new and improved life is the temptation to relapse. But, the temptation to relapse is not always something that just happens or just lingers around all the time. Oftentimes, the temptation to relapse and use drugs or alcohol again is set off by something called a trigger…

A trigger is just simply something that makes you crave drugs or alcohol, something that reminds you of that old lifestyle, something that makes you want to go back. It can be a smell, a sound, a person, or even a place. It might be where you used to buy drugs at or it could be the person you used to buy them from. Sometimes, it can even be an emotion. For example, you might feel stressed and that might be the feeling you used to feel right before you would use – maybe it was your reason for using – and so that might trigger you to feel like you need the drugs or alcohol again.

And, of course, people typically think of the common triggers such as old friends, a street corner, your car, whatever it is that reminds you of those old habits. But, triggers can go far beyond just the person you used to buy your stuff from. A trigger can even be something incredibly unique that you would have never considered…

Here are a few strange triggers that might pose a threat to you or a recovering addict you know:

  1. Money

    Sometimes, recovering addicts can be triggered by money because they always got out cash solely to purchase their drugs or alcohol. It might be the act of going to the ATM, it might be the smell of the money, or it might just be the fact that they still have a tendency to fold the money up like they are doing a drug deal.

  2. Grocery stores

    Nowadays, most grocery stores have a liquor aisle. So, while it might not be a liquor store just full of alcohol, a former addict might still know that alcohol is present and the access to it is just so easy.

  3. The feeling of accomplishment

Oftentimes, when people drink or use drugs they feel this high, this sense of accomplishment. It is oftentimes part of the euphoric effect the drugs or alcohol provides. So, when they feel the same sense of accomplishment – even if it is for something good – it could still pose a threat as a trigger.

Do you know of some other unique triggers? Share them with us in the comments.

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