It is not easy for an individual to be sober after addiction because it means letting go of an old lifestyle and picking up a new one. One of the possible things you would encounter is the withdrawal symptoms that are likely to make you get addicted.

If you have recovered from addiction, there are some health practices you need to imbibe.

To start with, it is essential to start slowly. One mistake that recovering individuals make is, once they are out of the woods, they think it is time to embrace the hustle and bustle of life fully.

However, what they do not know is, their bodies need time to adjust. So, it is best for them to take things one step at a time until they become perfectly adapted to the new lifestyle.

Another health practice is to take a balanced diet. Some people do not take into consideration what they eat and this affects them at some points in their lives.

People who have recovered from addiction are advised to take their diet seriously. If they do not know how to go about it, then it is advisable to reach out to a nutritionist.

Similarly, it is essential to take sufficient water. We need water for survival and daily, it is expected we take up to eight cups of water.

Also, it is expedient to find time to relax. Due to the fact that an individual who has recovered from addiction would be going back to a stressful lifestyle, it is best to have a good relaxation time.

This helps us to develop a healthy mind that boosts our productivity in return. There are various ways to relax and it is necessary to find out that which ideally suits us.

Lastly, one important practice is exercise. This is what most of us do not take seriously. There are a plethora of benefits involved in exercising including the fact that it makes us fit, makes our heart healthy amongst others.

It is important for everyone who has recovered from addiction to make sure that they keep in touch with their healthcare provider.  


In the addiction recovery process, there is a likely chance that some of the individuals who recover from addiction will go back to their old ways.

This process is referred to as relapse. These individuals cannot be blamed for this because there is this tendency for us to pick up bad habits when we are faced with cravings.

Hence, this is one of the reasons why addiction treatment centers are always advised that after the rehab program, there should be an aftercare program.

The basic purpose of an aftercare program is to keep in touch with recovered individuals, making sure they do not get addicted once again.

An aftercare program can run for as long as a couple of years. The individual might not need to attend sessions as before. All the person needs do is to submit a progress report on his lifestyle so far.

An aftercare program comprises thorough monitoring and it checks the possibility of a relapse. If the individual is out of the woods and it is detected that he or she might be addicted, the person might have to be re-admitted.

In some cases, the individual would be required to leave some friends who served as major sources of contribution to their addiction in the past.

There is no actual cure for addiction that is why a relapse is possible. However, with proficient treatment, an individual can be able to fight off addiction and leave a normal life thereafter.

Therefore, it is necessary for an addiction treatment program to have aftercare plan for any individual they have under their care.

The practical way an aftercare works is, the individual would be required to keep up with counseling sessions at different times of the week. Sometimes, a rehab might offer the patient some rewards if he or she is able to conquer cravings that might trigger their addiction.

Addiction is a tough battle that must be fought with every possible means. If there are lapses, there is a tendency for the individual to relapse.